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Kanaan flips produce extrusion corn grits. The high proportion of freshly roasted peanuts gives it a special flavor and is quickly melts in your mouth.

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Kanaan chips produced from selected varieties of potatoes, which have reduced the amount of sugar that after frying taken on a golden yellow color.

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Unique production process and the use of domestic corn achieve full flavor of freshly roasted popcorn.

About Us

About our company, production capacity, equipment and market position.

Kanaan company was founded in 1990 in Radikovci with the goal of food products’ production.The company was founded by the current owner and director Zvonko Popovic. In 2006 a new factory was built in the industrial zone Janjevci in Donji Miholjac, where it still operates.

Since 1990. Kanaan has developed into a respectable company with over 100 employees and a wide range of savory snack snacks. Kanaan is the leading manufacturer of snack products in Croatia. The product range consists of potato chips, salty sticks, puff corn with ground peanuts, flavored crunchy roasted corn and popcorn. Kanaan achieves most of its sales through the production of large chain stores’ private brands in Croatia and abroad.

Kanaan has a modern factory of 30,000m² which consists of two production lines for potato chips, two lines for puff corn with ground peanuts and a production line for popcorn with the total capacity of over 5.000t of finished products per year. Production operates according to the provisions of international food standards IFS, which sets requirements for food safety and quality. This gives greater security to retail chains that products they are selling under their private labels will be safe and high quality.

In 2013 Kanaan invested about €1.5 million in the construction of a new potato storage with the capacity of 8000t. The company has an organized personal raw materials' production and storage. In 2014 we invested over €1.5 million in the purchase and installation of new production lines for the potato chips production.

Our products have been recognized by customers as the products of very good quality and favorable price which is proved by our leading position in the chips and flips production on the Croatian market in spite of the presence of major European brands.


To become the leading manufacturer of chips and puff corn private brands in Eastern Europe.


To gain customers by offering them high quality products at the lowest possible price.


Our product portfolio consists of more than twenty types of snack products.

Kanaan products assortment consists of: Potato chips with different flavors, flips with peanuts, several types of flavored flips, diet flips, popcorn, pop-corn, sticks, pellets, etc. Kanaan products development department is constantly working to bring new products to the market according to customers' wishes.

Kanaan is currently the largest exporter of salty snacks in Croatia, and exports its products to Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

This year the company plans to open new business co-operation in foreign markets with the largest European retail chains, and introduction of new products.

Kanaan brand products

On the Croatian market Kanaan is present with its own brand.

Brand retail chains:

A large share of production, occupying a number of private brands that we work for a large number of foreign and domestic retail chains.


news and events in our company

Production of private label Dobro

At the beginning of 2015 We started cooperation with Serbian retail chain P.T.P. DIS Ltd. the production of private label right. The assortment of private labels are products called Dobro: Chips classic salted 50g, 50g salted rib Chips, Chips classic salted 200g, 150g salted chips ribbed, ribbed cheese 150g Chips, Crisps 150g ribbed peppers, onions & Chips ribbed cream 150g.


Production of private label for Billa

We started another successful cooperation on the Croatian market, have been contracted manufacturing private labels for one of najupsješnijih retail chains Billa. Our premium quality products that will be found on the shelves of Austrian retail chain are salty chips 150g and 150g Chips pepper, and Flips with peanuts 150g. Planned annual delivery of around 100 tonnes of finished products.


Private label Chipsos

We have signed an agreement on strategic cooperation with the Atlantic Group, on service production of chips worth five million euros per year. The new brand from Stark production embodies the traditional quality and modern trends in product development. Along with the classic taste of salty potato Chipsos is available in flavors of pizza, cheese, peppers and spicy seasonings.


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Kanaan d.o.o. Croatia
Industrijska zona Janjevci 4, 31540 Donji Miholjac
Tel: +385 31 620 180, Fax: +385 31 620 191

The Company is registered in the Commercial Court in Osijek, MBS: 03001803.
OIB: 88741652581, PDV ID HR88741652581
VAT number: 3540987

The share capital amounts to 14.710.300,00 HRK and paid in full. Member of and the only founder of the company: Zvonko Popovic

Kanaan d.o.o. Macedonia
Industriska zona b.b. Kačanski pat, Skopje, Makedonija
tel: +389 2 2600 186, fax: + 389 2 2601 223

Transaction accounts:
2340009-1100085257 Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d. Zagreb
2402006-1100293419 Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d. Rijeka
2484008-1103933315 Raiffeisenbank Austrija d.d. Zagreb